always daydream

Daydreamers – collection inspired
by Bali … coming soon

bring the sunshine and good energies
to your home

design your home with colours, like
the ocean designs the world

Daydreaming is like a hideaway. Collection is inspired by the journey through Bali island. The colours of the ocean, patterns of the palm trees, the smell of incenses, fresh oranges and mint leaves. A warm breeze touching the skin, messing up the hair.


In the middle of Bali mystical energies, wondering about the wonderland we live in. I am sitting there on the back of a scooter, warm breeze blowing, my eyes closed, feeling only the wind and the body heat, around me is the smell of oranges, mixed with mint leaves and incenses. My arms are around him, touching his neck so gently that he can barely feel it. I open my eyes and look at the sky, there are palm trees, moving around like mystical patterns, every time differently. We are driving, god knows where, somewhere near the ocean or even over the rainbow, and the palm trees with me all the way.


Meanwhile the sunrise and -set or the time, while moon moves the ocean, there are all day long life with the moments of your own. There are different ways of daydreaming. Some people grab a surfing board to take part in a wave-dance in the ocean. Some of them are just spending another workday at the rice field and dreaming at the same time. Some of them are having a zen moment when praying to the God.


Find your favourite daydream where the magic happens. Look at the colours and patterns amidst we live in, itś like looking at a living Pantone book. Yes, always daydream!


Daydreamers collection is spiced with mystical spirituality of Bali island. Patterns and colours are twined into interior design accessories and creating a healing energy flow of essential oils. Always daydream!

Printed stylish hammocks, pillows, candles 

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