wind whispers,
homes are sunny

indigo love – inspired by northern lights

aroma candles and pillows
decorated with photo print technique

photos and patterns collected
from morning journeys


As summer turns into winter, we think about the windy coasts, the colours of moonlight, eyes reflecting the stars… We use elegant black and indigo blue patterns. Scents of fresh lemongrass, exotic ylang-ylang and pure pine forest.Our autumn-winter collection is inspired by the crisp Scandinavian winds and morning walks in the forest and by the sea. There are nature photos, which on the one hand, reflect the morning peace and balance but on the other hand, blaze a patterned hot dreamy fire within the deep inner world.

_DSC5321 copy_DSC7537

Collection is mainly made up of candles, pillows, blankets, design photos, textiles.

Our best sellers are 100% natural aroma candles. Made of soy wax and scented with essential oils, they are decorated with nature based photo design. Brand new member in our zen line is a black stardust candle with minimalist feather decorations. The candles reflect the healing energies of sunrise and the crisp vitality of the Nordic nature. When you light a Valhalla candle it will come to life; the scent of nature and see-through photo print design on the candle will work as a therapy. The aroma and light patterns will be taking you to an inspirational journey. We use the same fragments of photo patterns and colours in our home decore textiles, such as pillows, blankets, sling chairs etc. Create a calm, inspirational and harmonious atmosphere with our design collection.



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