designed side by side
with nature

the brand is winged by dreams,
a place where inspiration lives


every collection is
like a new dream

designed to reflect the morning
peace and balance

Woman behind the brand is lifestyle photographer Terje Talpsepp. The creation is based on  Terje´s work. The photos are inspired by morning walks, patterns of impressions collected from journeys around the world and from colourful dreams. Terje herself loves the Mediterranean accent of Scandinavian interior design, where the designed accessories fit perfectly.

“I dream of a jungle, two meters long feathers, papilionaceous river beds, talking birds, white unicorns.”

The Valhalla Factory brand is also inspired by dreams. It is a place where unicorns hide out with their heads in the clouds. It is a narrow line in the Northern dusk between black and white, a place where everyday routine will fall asleep and inspiration will come to life. Disorganisation has turned into routine here. These are moments in the early mornings spreading a similar kind of chaotic peace and balance in the nature. These moments are very inspiring.


“A morning is a moment in a day when the dream world is changing, minute by minute, into the conscious reasonable world.”

galerii_Artboard 17IMG_137-2

“Scented candles are designed with the idea to bring the energy of nature and inspiration into people’s lives, like one delightful sunrise in the crispy morning brings into my life.”


“Every collection is like a new dream.”

IMG_161-2-2IMG_230IMG_195-2Designer Terje Talpsepp, Photos by Stina Kase, Make up by Penelope Russak, Dress by Marilin Sikkal

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